Safety Policy Life Buoy

It is the policy of this company, its subsidiaries and affiliates, to give priority to the personal safety of every employee above all else. To create a safe and efficient working area that continues to improve daily due to the total commitment of all personnel involved in any operation. It is the responsibility of every employee to determine how any job can be completed safely and to support fellow employees in every attempt to create a hazard free workplace. The very nature of the work in all instances should produce a sound plan that will keep all involved in any task aware of their surroundings. Sound judgment and keen awareness is the cornerstone of accident prevention that will support all employees in safe operations.

It is therefore the philosophy of the company to provide accident prevention, near miss and inspection programs and to comply with all regulatory regulations, flag state, class and country. Employee safety and accident prevention performance will always be a major consideration in decisions affecting promotions, salary adjustments and continued employment. The company's success and quality of service to our customers will be the measure of this policy. As owners and operators of Offshore Supply Vessels we recognize the need to meet our customers continued growing needs for quality and dependable service. We pledge to monitor our performance as an on-going activity and to strive for continuous improvement. We further recognize that no matter what situations may arise that there is no task, or job so vital to our operations that the necessary time cannot be taken so it can be completed safely without incident.

Environmental Protection Policy

The intent of this company is to identify any aspect of daily operations that may endanger or threaten the environment and do our best to mitigate any impact our operations may have on the environment. The policy of the company its subsidiaries and affiliates, to recognize the importance of pollution prevention and conduct all operations in a fashion that will plan and improve work practices that may adversely affect the environment. The company and all employees shall follow all state, federal and local regulations which may apply to the land, air and waters in which they may work. Any subcontractor, vendor or worker that may visit the corporation's property or vessels will be held to the standards stated in this Safety Management System. Any time that an infringement of this policy is observed it should be reported immediately. Our policy is one of sound environmental practice and to prevent pollution of any form in all operations this company conducts. It is the obligation of any employee to be held accountable and to follow environmentally sound work practices that will minimize environmental damage or pollution of any kind.


Kilgore Marine Services, LLC uses subcontractors who have established a strong safety program and have successfully met Kilgore’s safety criteria: Overall Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), Kilgore TRIR, Safety Questionnaire, on-site inspections and established working relationships.  Contact the local Kilgore ISNetworld liaison for further information on Kilgore’s ISNetworld grading components.  ISNetworld is a resource for corporations to connect with contractors who have established safe work practices and have demonstrated sound behaviors.

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